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Start growing your digital presence and make yourself available 24/7 to capture all business opportunities coming from online channels.


How? Allow your existing and potential clients to get an instant quote and make a booking without requiring any interaction with a representative from your company.

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What's an e-Forwarder®?

A comprehensive product designed for Freight Forwarders that includes all ConsolFreight solutions with the ability to white label our technology into your website to transact digitally, globally and directly with the shippers.

Having a self-service is no longer optional in the digital era. Whenever your customers are online and demanding instant solutions to their problems, they will most likely select the provider with the fastest response time. 

If you want to become more competitive in a commoditized industry, it is necessary to implement digital tools that allow you to, not only provide an enhanced customer experience, but also to expand your business, while reducing your customer acquisition costs.

Why Becoming an e-Forwarder®?

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