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Why should Freight Forwarders be e-Connected?

The e-Connected ecosystem allows freight forwarders to find support and build the partnerships they need to make new business opportunities happen.  

A Freight forwarder's power is as big as the size of their network. The fastest the access you have to quality providers in every part of the world, the more possibilities you have to close a sale and lower your operational costs. 


Several recognized networks of freight forwarders are seeing the value of enhancing collaboration among their members through our technology.

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Get rates and make instant bookings from trusted providers specialized in their niche markets. At the click of a button, get global coverage to leverage new business opportunities.

How to become a member?

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The e-Connected Ecosystem is exclusively composed of freight forwarders. We care about the quality and reliability of the members, that's why all applications pass through a validation process. If you are interested in joining, you may easily apply by filling the short form below. 

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