Now Opening Access To Trade Finance Opportunities.


Trade Forward is a product that provides SMEs access to trade finance services, taking a holistic  risk assessment approach by collateralising the goods trapped in transit (GTTs)

This unique solution links the physical flow with the data and financial flow of the supply chain, providing full visibility and more accurate risk mitigation. We use our network of Freight Forwarders, Forward Together, to control the logistics operations and take custody of the cargo. This helps us to mitigate risk and use the cargo as collateral.

Lowering the barriers of entry to trade finance services by collateralizing the goods in transit.

Consolfreight is a company created in 2016 with the idea of helping SMEs companies to obtain access to Trade Finance services. Pre Covid the Trade finance gap was a staggering 1.5T dollars, this figure has only increased during Covid as the traditional institutions have decreased their presence in this market. Our vision is to lower the barriers of entry to trade finance services by collateralising goods in transit.